Tom Harmon

Linet is great at problem identification and solving. She is outcome based in thinking. She brushes procrastination aside and makes people want to be better. She is inspiring. She assesses what is needed in a presented problem or challenge, assembles those needs into a neat and tidy package that can be used as a guide to a desired outcome. She has a no nonsense attitude and will drag people across the finish line.

Charles Steffensmeier

Linet helped organize my legal battle. I could not have won without her. She gave me confidence and assurance that all the pieces and parts were presented to the legal team in an efficient, useful and strategic manner.

Lanelle Comstock

“The Solutions Planner is the exact tool I need to help me succeed in accomplishing my goals. The Planner gives me the opportunity to identify the steps needed to achieve my goals, then creates the space for me to schedule and prioritize the steps into my daily life. I have consistently achieved my goals by following the Solutions Planner process and am so thankful to have the Planner part of my daily routine.”

Allan Ledesma

Linet is a solutions expert and helps business owners (and individuals) move to the next level. She is hands-on, organized and focused on delivering services that will help your business grow and improve. Linet is a not just a consultant, but a valued business partner who is skilled at bringing together people, resources, and tools.

Heidi Pahls

“Linet Samson came highly recommended to our company, and after working together these past years, I cannot imagine parting ways. From her wise counsel to her impeccable follow-through, she is someone who treats others as she would treat herself–which is the highest compliment in a business relationship.”

Shelley K Nasby

I have admired Linet’s positive attitude, organizational skills and ability to plan, set and achieve goals! I have always been organized but never really sat down and learned HOW to get those goals done. I am not talking about getting through college, or paying off a mortgage, rather I am talking about deeply personal goals that always seem to slip by without getting the attention or the focus that they required. Linet offered to share her planner and how she sets up each week to work on her goals. She worked with me for several months to help me learn her process of planning and how to take small steps each week that move you toward your goals. Tiny steps, that is how it’s done. This process keeps me in line with my personal values and focuses my energy in the direction of my specific goals.

Brenda Lovette

Thank you SO MUCH! Our conversation was super helpful and I feel clear and empowered about all of this. You are so knowledgeable and you explained everything effectively. I really appreciate your generosity with your time…..Thank you again

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