Shelley K Nasby

I have admired Linet’s positive attitude, organizational skills and ability to plan, set and achieve goals! I have always been organized but never really sat down and learned HOW to get those goals done. I am not talking about getting through college, or paying off a mortgage, rather I am talking about deeply personal goals that always seem to slip by without getting the attention or the focus that they required. Linet offered to share her planner and how she sets up each week to work on her goals. She worked with me for several months to help me learn her process of planning and how to take small steps each week that move you toward your goals. Tiny steps, that is how it’s done. This process keeps me in line with my personal values and focuses my energy in the direction of my specific goals.

I feel great and I am enjoying the process. The best part is learning what I truly want and letting go of things I do not really want to pursue.

It’s been a life-changing and positive experience and I have learned a lot about myself. If you are struggling with making things happen, give this planner a try! Take the time to figure out what is important to you and get to working on it!

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