How can working with Samson Solutions save me money?

As independent contractors, you keep us off your payroll and save on
  • Office space and equipment
  • Payroll taxes and benefits
  • Sick days and vacations
We don’t just work for you, but also with you to help you move forward your plans, programs, activities, projects and chores (especially the ones you don’t enjoy doing).  When you partner with us, we help you make progress throughout your organization, so you can spend time doing what you really need to do.

How much will it cost me?

It really depends on what it is you want or need, but most of our clients contract for a package of services. A needs assessment is the best way to start. This initial consultation (up to 1.5 hours) is free of any charge and will help define your goals and customize a preliminary program designed to identify the precise outcome you desire.

Can you do rush jobs?

Yes, but not typically. When you work with us, you will enjoy concise, consistent work with attention to every detail.

Do you specialize in anything?

We are Solutions Experts! What that means is, if you’re stuck and find that your business is slowing down or losing ground, you can contact us for help.
You can use us as a sounding board
You can use us to take your idea and make it happen
You can use us to craft an ideal solution
We love figuring out the best way to get stuff done!

We are trustworthy, dependable, consistent, and driven to support your success.

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